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Confident Kid Collective

As a former educator, nanny, and eating disorder recovery coach, body-image issues, low self-esteem, and disordered eating all starts so young. It starts at home, it starts during puberty and at school, it starts earlier than we’d like to think. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for 10+ years, starting at the age of 13, my hope and goal is to help cultivate safe spaces for kids and teens to talk about the expected, but sometime uncomfortable body changes we go through. My passion is helping children learn how to navigate big emotions, have grace and compassion for themselves, and understand that healthy bodies come in all different shapes and sizes.

That’s where Confident Kid Collective comes in!


Core Values & Strengths

  • Lesson Objective: Students will learn about the importance of their own personal core values. Students will understand that their core values may be similar or not to those around them and aligning your actions with your values can lead to a fulfilling life. Students will learn about their own individual strengths and what makes them special. Students will understand that each person has their own set of strengths and the more we can use our strengths the more confident we become.

Navigating Big Emotions

  • Lesson Objective: Students will learn how to cope with their emotions in healthy ways, learning about self-care, mindfulness, breath work etc. Students will understand that there are no good or bad emotions, and its okay to be uncomfortable in our feelings, the important thing is how we cope with them. Students will gain self-esteem in having confidence in coping with their emotions/feelings and learn empathy for others.

Body-Image and Navigating Body Changes

  • Lesson Objective: Students will gain knowledge on how our bodies change during puberty and that each body is going to look different. Students will learn about concepts like body-image, body-acceptance, and how all bodies come in different shapes and sizes, nobody being better than another. Students will learn about the negative effects of body-shaming towards themselves and others, how the media, social media and other factors can affect our body-image. Students will learn to have kindness and gratitude to our changing bodies.

Healthy and Happy Bodies

  • Lesson Objective: Students will learn about the different pillars of health/wellness and that what makes us healthy is going to look different to each person. Students will gain knowledge on healthy bodies coming in different shapes and sizes and how to nourish and move our bodies in healthy ways. Students will learn about intuitively eating for our bodies and engaging in movement we enjoy and feels good.

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The greatest thing you can give a child is confidence.
— Gail Porter

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