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Body-Love events

I work with fitness studios, other Influencers, or schools to create a safe space to come together to share our stories and educate on self-love and body-appreciation. These events could mean a workshop on creating vision boards, a space to sweat together, learning about media manipulation and eating disorders, or a presentation on how to have a healthier relationship with food, exercise and our bodies! I’m happy to work with you on creating an authentic and meaningful event that will fit the needs of those attending.

Motivational Speaking

As someone who has fully recovered from my eating disorder, I believe that listening to those who have overcome struggles with body-image and disordered eating can be incredibly beneficial to recovery. I openly share my experiences about bullying, my eating disorder recovery, and how I navigate our constantly triggering society. I truly believe that having open and honest conversations about our personal struggles is how  we create safe spaces for us all to vulnerable and accepting.

Brand Collaborations

I work with many brands that empower all women, showcase body diversity, and motivate you to be strong and authentic! Some of the current brands that I have collaborated with are; Fabletics, Balance Athletica, Motion by Coalition, True and Co, Shape Activewear, RBX Active, Aerie, Venus Razors and many more! Whether it’s activewear, swimwear, everyday fashion, or beauty and nutrition, I love representing brands that promote self-love, a healthy and happy life, and body diversity!



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