Where’s JuJu been?

Women’s Health

“Growing up, I was always outside, riding my bike, and playing volleyball, softball, and soccer. Fitness and sports were an enjoyable activity for me—until high school…”

Shape Magazine

“Dear body, I am sorry for ever getting angry with you and looking at you with disgust. I am sorry for ever thinking you were fat when you would wake up early and allow me to workout. I am sorry for hating you when you weren’t doing anything wrong…”

Life Well Dunn

“Julia explains her story, and gives some tips and experiences that helped, and continue to help her move forward from her eating disorder, as well as some of the things she’s up to as she tries to bring eating disorders into the light…”

Soul In The Raw Podcast

“In this episode we dig into the juicy topics of, how Julia balances her health, fitness, and social life, how to stop overthinking social media and post with ease, and how she approaches negativity and trolls when sharing so vulnerably…”